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Jim Winsness

First, we show that Joanna was the only daughter of James Caleb Smith and Nancy Catherine Broome - there may be more but Bev only shows Joanna. Bev shows James Caleb as having 5 wives.

We show James Caleb Smith's father as William Raleigh 'Ryal' Smith and Temperance Ann Edmonds. Interestingly, one of the 2 men that hid in the Romans den was William Smith which I believe was one of William Raleigh Smith's sons born 1854.

James Caleb Smith was called Cal I believe and his house site was very near the Romans Den - we should have shown that during the tour! Yes, there is a Kelly Mountain but it iis located several miles SW of the area we show as Cale Smith's house. It is entirely possible that he had lived at both places at different times. I'm wondering if we can find out who owned the land back then.

There were several Indian sites all over the WMA but before I talk more about them, I'll have to get some information from Pearl. She may be able to answer this.

I will ask Pearl about this during the week and will add more as we go along.

Census records for James Caleb Smith:
1850 Habersham County, Georgia
page 303 B
William Raieigh Smith age 28 GA
Tempy A. ( Edwards ) 25
J. Caleb 9 ( probable )
M. Jane 6
Ellen C. 4
Mariah 2

If he is age nine, Marriage would be about 1860

1860 Banks County, Georgia
Middle River page 88
Tempy Smith age 35
Caleb 17
Jane 15
Ellen 13
Mariah 10
Sarah 8
William 6
Harriette 3

1900 Banks County, Georgia Census
Golden Hill District 6
June 5, 1900
Cale Smith Head age 60 1840
Kate wife 57 1843
Deal dau 29 Apr 1871
Joanner dau 14 Aug 1895
Ed g-son 9 Jun 1891
William g-son 1 Sept 1898

1910 Stephens County, Georgia Census
Currahee District, District 141
May 2, 1910
Caleb Smith Head age 69 -M- 26 yrs GA SC GA
Nancy wife 66 -M- 26 SC SC SC 6 children / 5 living
Jonner Gibson dau 24 -D- GA GA SC 3 children / 3 living
James R. g-son (All children born Georgia)
Lilly g-dau
Owen F g-son

1920 Stephens County, Georgia
Currahee ED 157
January 22, 1920
Robert Brown Head age 36
Mandy mother 55 Wd

Jim Winsness


We show Joanna's mother died May 25, 1911 which was 6 years before Joanna was killed. You seem to say she died after Joanna. We have to sort that out.

Betty Horne

I descend from William Raleigh "Ryal" Smith and Temperance "Tempy or Tempa" Ann Edwards, through their daughter Elender C. "Ellen" Smith. Our Ellen was a sister to James Calab Smith.
His 5 wives were: Ellen Mashborn, Cynthia "Cindy" Dill, Nancy Catherine Broome, Laura Carroll, and Mary Patton.

Who was the half-sister living at home with Joanna (Joeanna) Smith Gibson when she was killed? Can someone share this story with me?

Cal Smith's daughter, Cordelia "Dealie" Smith (by wife Cynthia "Cindy" Dill), had 3 sons, one of whom died in the electric chair for killing Jud Wells. Do you have that story?

Betty Horne

Jim Winsness

Hi Betty,

I've just read the trial of Wib Frady for the killing of Joanna Gibson again, and I don't see anything about any sister living with Joanna when she was killed. There were 2 beds for her and her 3 children in a single room house that was reported in the trial to be 16 feet square. If you have any knowledge of her with a sister in there, let me know.

You asked about the killing of Jud Wells so I posted another "Topic" on the blog with all the information that we had on file. Take a look and if you have any other information to share there, please do!


Ernie Martin

Am Descended from Raleigh, Caleb and Deal Smith. Have heard the story about Wash Smith trial and conviction for death of Jud Wells many times. My GF was his brother and my mother was about the same age and close to Wash. Even have some news paper article. know this an old blog, but found this to be infomative.

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