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Steve Tilley

I am so sorry to hear about Clayton and Ruth's illnesses. My family and I have always felt blessed with the close kinship that has existed since the days of their mothers and fathers. 30 years ago Aunt Lena and my grandmother would visit as frequently as they were able. My mother would visit one of Clayton's brothers at Easy Living, and, also, she would speak of Happy, another brother, on many occasions. I know Clayton and Ruth have said many prayers for my family over the years, and they were greatly appreciated. You can be certain that we will keep them in our prayers.

God Bless you all!

James Whiteway

I was lucky to meet Clayton and Ruth Smith and their son Danny, back in June of 1999 when I went to North Georgia to see the place my grandfather, Paul Watkins came from. They were very kind to me and allowed me to go on to their property to visit the Wofford Cemetery where my Great Great Grandfather, John Dooley Watkins and his wife Anne Maxwell Watkins , along with other Watkins kin are buried.
Thru them and their son Danny, I found out more about my Cash Family heritage too.
My prayers are with the whole family. I hope to one day return to North Georgia and again visit with the Smith family and others I was fortunate to meet.
James Whiteway
Millsap, Tx.

Barbara Kerby

I was sorry to hear of Mr. and Mrs. Smith's illness. Several years ago when I was still a member of the Cornelia Kiwanis Club, I asked Clayton Smith to speak on the history of the Wofford Settlement and his memories of the area around Lake Russell. His presentation was very informative and several people in the club commented on how much they enjoyed his comments. I purchased his book and I'm sure I will treasure it more and more as time goes by. I will keep the Smith family in my thoughts and prayers.

Lamar Wilbanks

Very sorry to hear they both are so ill. I have several of Claytons and Dannys old N.E. Georgian articles on our Cash ancesters. I feel indebted to them both. Our prayers are with the family.
Lamar Wilbanks

Lamar Davis

I am so sorry to know that both Clayton and Ruth are sick. I got into genealogy back in 1983 and learned very early that I was related to Clayton and have always enjoyed his fellowship. He always liked to talk about family relationships and was always so helpful in getting family information for me.
I will surely be praying for Clayton and Ruth during these difficult times. May God bless them both.
Lamar Davis

Bev and Jim Winsness

Dear Clayton and Ruth,

In the early 90’s, we met Pearl at Mt. Pleasant Church and you both were there also as we began to learn of Bev’s rich heritage. We all met, but we really didn’t understand why you were there. From the Church Cemetery, to the BP Brown house site, and on to the Mt. Grove Cemetery we all went. Finally, at the Mt. Grove Cemetery, I asked you “why are you all here?” Your answer was amazing – you said, “because Pearl said you were coming.” You knew, but we were only learning, that you both were related to Bev!

One rainy Christmas we drove to your house to wish you a Merry Christmas and Danny said “would you like to go to your Rev. War Ancestor’s grave” and so off Bev, I and Danny went and we found that grave. Since then, the gravesite has been maintained and a grave dedication ceremony for Howard Cash was spectacular. But it all started with that hike in the rain with Danny.

Last week Tom and I led a group of bicycle riders to Ruth’s old home and then down to all the Stephens sites and the stories we told were those given to us by the two of you over the years as you shared your treasured history with us and the group. Each event you have shared with us is a treasure and a look back to a past that without our conversations would have been lost.

We know how hard it must be after almost 50 years of marriage for you to both be ill at the same time but you certainly have a wonderful family to assist you both, and you only have to give any of us a call and we will be there for you just as you have been there for us.

You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Bev and Jim Winsness

Kathy F. Hobgood

Dear Clayton and Ruth, I wanted to let you know that you both and Danny are in my prayers at this difficult time. You both were so kind to our family during my daddy's (Luther Farmer) illness and death. You were so faithful in sending cards and remembering us in such special ways. Having been so close with my parents during their illnesses, I can certainly feel your despair. The Lord is so gracious and his strength will carry you through these dark times. Danny, as a child of ailing parents, I know so well how you are feeling. Just be with them and comfort them and you will reap so many rewards. It is a challenging time, but one day you will understand that is is also a good time to be there to share and bask in their love. May God's Grace be with you all at this time.
Kathy Farmer Hobgood

Desmond Josey

You all have our prayers.

May God be with you.

Desmond Josey, Grandson of Leon Carl "Bunjo" Brown

(Posted by Jim Winsness at the requsst of Desmond)


Jim, Do you know which hospital Clayton is in?

Frances S. Hemphill

I have just realized that Ruth and I have a common ancester - Abel Segars. My great, great grandfather Samuel Segars was a brother to Ruth's ancester Martin Segars.
We also have a mutual friend Claudine Burgess whose brother is married to Frank's sister.
Frank and I both always looked forward to Clayton - and Danny's - column. Hopefully there will bemore of these in the future. We miss them.
Certainly we are praying for both Ruth and Clayton. We are so grateful for BLOG.
I have just called Claudine and given her an update.
with love and
Frances S. Hemphill

Barb Turner

Sent by a relative of Jim's in Upstate NY:
My prayers are certainly with these two people. I believe God hears all prayers and will be with them and their family
May God Bless them and be with them all.
Love Barb

Betty Horne

I've never met Ruth nor Clayton Smith, but I have their wonderful book, Country at Heart, and I know that Ruth and I descend from Able Segars, through Martin Segars. There are probably other connections, too.

I know that God listens to our prayers and that with Him, all things are possible. I pray for this family and their friends and ask for the Grace and Peace that is needed for them to get through difficult times such as this.

Betty Horne in SC

Bonnie Rodgers

May God bless your family in this time. May he give you strength and wisdom to handle this difficult time in your lives.

Bonnie Rodgers of Macon GA, "CASH Descendnet from N GA"

Kathy Farmer Hobgood

Does anyone know where I can get two copies of Clayton's book? I think my daddy had one but after their home was sold and I was going through some of their treasures, I have not been able to find it. I would love to have one for me and my brother, Ronny. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Rockie and Lisa Pitts

Ruth, I have been praying for you since the first prayer requests were made several months ago, I just now realize that you are Clayton's wife. We will continue to pray for God's will in your life.
Clayton, About a year ago I just happened to stop by your house wanting directions to WB Wofford's grave site, little did I know I would find out even more than I could ever have hoped for in finding out that you and I are both kin to the Woffords.I pray that you recover as this world needs more men like you and you have a lot more to share with me about the family. Thank you for the book that you gave me that day, it is a treasure that I will always have.
Danny, I know what you are going through, I have been there myself, pray hard and know that you and your family are being prayed for daily.In the name of JESUS.

Evelyn & Mac

So sorry to learn that both your Mom and Dad are very ill. We came to recognize last year after Mac's stroke just what the power of many prayers can do! Please know that our prayers and good wishes are with you during this trying time - along with the many others from your friends and relatives. May God bless and keep you.
Cousin Evelyn & Mac

Joni Mabe

I will be praying for you and your family. Be strong. God Bless you.


Dear Smith family: Mel and I are praying for all your family. We met Clayton Smith on one of our visits to Georgia and was happy to do so. We were even fortunate enough to get one of his books and enjoy it very much. We hope both Ruth and Clayton make it through these rough times. Our prayers are with all your family. Mel and Carole Sellers Walker in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Betty Horne

I bought my copy of Clayton Smith's book, "Country At Heart", from BOOKS WITH A'PEAL in Cornelia GA for $9.95 plus tax a couple of years ago.
They are listed in the
ABA Bookseller Member Directory:

Books with A'peal
401 Cornelia Plaza Drive, Cornelia, GA 30531
Phone: (706)778-4563
Fax: (706)778-4563
Type of Books Sold: Primarily New
Regional Affiliation: SIBA

The lady I bought mine from offered to order and mail any books I needed.

Pearl Wilson

Clayton, Ruth and all your wonderful family

You are very precious to me and my family and the FFFF family. Yes we are all one great god fearing family. We are so blessed to have each other to lean on in happiness and in health. It was God’s plan in the beginning to bring us all together in each other’s homes, churches, and in the forest too. I have gained so much of the history of the area you both lived on in the LRWMA. And I have told you so.

I sure wish I had lived there also. I want to see what you saw, hear what you heard, including listening to Rev. Barrett preach very loud from Mt. Grove Church. And going with Clayton to his grandfathers birthday dinner riding in the wagon pulled by horses up the steep hill and through the creeks and to sit with his kin folks and to share the picnic at Sanford Stephens house. I want to see and hear what you had back then even before I was born. Why can’t things be that way now, have time to appreciate everything and everyone? I know now that Ruth’s great grandmother and my great grandmother were sisters and no doubt visited each other. They were the beginning of our lives and of course, that was all in God’s plans.

He does not make a mistake. Clayton, today a retired agricultural teacher from old Lula High School was at my house. He remembered you teaching school at Lula even before you and Ruth were married almost 50 years ago! We have your picture in Harlen’s school annual.

I am so much richer for having known all your family, being part of your Brown and Smith reunions, meeting with you at Broad River Church, and at Mt. Grove Church. You are really a blessing to me.

Pearl Wilson

Kathy Farmer Hobgood

After Rebecca's update on her mother, memories of my experience with losing both parents in such a short time really flooded my mind. I know so well the emotional roller coaster that these children are experiencing. You feel such a sense of hopelessness when you stand there and watch them drift from this earthly life. We know deep in our hearts that this is God's will and we know that they are probably looking forward to their heavenly transition but our parents are such a huge part of what we are, we can't imagine our lives without them. We want them to be out of their pain but we are only human and our selfishness always takes over. Please know that so many are thinking of you and praying for all of the family at this time. I experienced this such a short time ago. My father passed away in 2000 and my mother followed exactly 18 months to the day later. There is not a day that passes that I don't think of them but memories are so precious and I have so many...As Clayton wrote at the end of one of the chapters in his book - "He That Liveth and Believeth in Me, Shall Never Die". I borrowed my Aunt Mary Jo Farmer's copy of his book and have already finished it. May God Bless!

Joyce DiGloria

My Aunt Ruth was the most loving, kind and forgiving woman I have ever had the pleasure in knowing.

She was my connection to my Mother, Selma Brown who passed away in 1991.

I will miss her!!!!!!!!

Her niece from Boston.


Annie Ruth (Lawrence)

So sorry for the family of Ruth Brown Smith. She will deeply be missed by all. But I am so happy for Ruth for I know that she is in heaven.
It is a blessing to be related to this wonderful family.

Annie Ruth Lawrence Burrell
(Daughter of Albert & Rosalee Lawrence)

Hannah Purcell

Ruth Smith was very special to us all. She took care of me alot, and I thank her for that. Although we all miss her very much, we know that she is in a much better place and has no more suffering or pain. Thanks for all of your prayers and letters. Please continue to pray for my Grandpa.

In Christ,
Hannah Purcell
Daughter of Rebecca (Smith) Purcell
Granddaughter of Annie Ruth (Brown) Smith

Rebecca (Smith) Purcell

Dear All,
I've just been reading all the sweet comments people have written about my mom and dad. I appreciate your concern for both my parents. I am so thrilled that Mom is not suffering now, and I'm praying that Dad will recover soon. May the Lord Jesus Christ be exalted through our family!

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