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Jim Winsness

Hi Ben,

Mary Moss was my wife's great aunt as she was the sister of Caroline Hulsey Brown. But from your email, I do not think you knew the rest of that grave story.

I believe it was 1963 that her grave was vandalized. She was dug up, and her head and hand removed. A rainstorm filled the grave and the fire department had to come to pump out the water. She was put back in the same plain board casket, and reburied. There now is a concrete slab over the grave so that can not happen again.

As you said, she did not want dirt over her so we had heard that they carried sand up from the river to fill the grave and that made it easy for the vandals.

But to hear from someone who actually helped make the concrete vault is incredible. I am sure people will be interested in reading your comments and if you have any more to share with us, please do so.

And - that road is always OK and the site is clear so you can walk right up to it thanks to Howard Farmer. That house was originally built by Ben Farmer!


gary rich

Hi there, folks

I am the son ,,of Benjamin
H.Rich,Jr.,,,, I was up there in the valley in June for the Rich reunion,, I take my dad and family members to the old home site, and ran into a member of your group on the river,,
and i miss place the data she gave me,, for contacts,,, My dad will love to give yall all types of stories and details about the area ,, he was born and rise there,,, till the goverment made them to move,,, we have pictures and a lot of paperwork of the times,,,and what was going on then,,, my greatfather was the school teaching and pastor there,,
we need to got all of this data recorded for all to see

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